Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn's On It's Way

Things have been and still are a little stressful over the last few weeks and shall continue to be for a few more to come due to Hubby being ill. So I have lost myself when able into my crochet just to keep me sane. I wanted to make something easy and small but also something I could complete and not have to put down and turn into a WIP (work in progress) I have so many WIP's that another was not a good idea. Well I checked my stash and found just 1 x 50g ball of a lovely dark grey, light grey and purple mixed yarn and thought what can I make with just this one ball, after a couple of false starts I came up with a pair of fingerless gloves. If like me your not keen on wearing gloves then these are a great alternative.

Very simple to make with a pattern here and a great stash buster. They can be made longer but you'll probably need more than a 50g ball of yarn. I had enough yarn left over to create 4 flowers which will be added to a scarf or cowl at a later date. There was no label on the yarn so other than it being acrylic I have no idea of the make but I think they turned out well.

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